Guidelines for Use of Collection and Images

Qualifications for Use
- Those who work at public agencies, academic institutions, or research organizations and intend to use museum materials for research purposes
- Researchers in related fields who intend to use museum materials for research purposes
How to Request for the Use of Museum Collections
Apply using the form at the bottom.
Receiving / Auditing / Permission
- If you want to use the pictures of the pottery and academic journals issued by the Onyang Folk Museum, please fill out the application form with the exact name of the book, the number of pages, and the name of the relics.
- Once you submit the request form, a museum staff member will evaluate the request and contact you. And you will be able to use the material according to the finalized information.
Conditions for the Use of Museum Collections
- The Onyang Folk Museum owns the copyright for museum collections (reference materials and images). Users must indicate the following credit line: “Courtesy of the Onyang Folk Museum.”
- Reprinting and reproducing materials are prohibited. The Onyang Folk Museum owns the copyright for all photographs in its collection.
- Permission is restricted to a single use only in the project or publication described in the request. Duplication is prohibited, and requested materials or images may not be transferred to anyone else.
- When reusing materials or images, further permission must be obtained.
- Users must provide the museum with at least five copies of any publication listed in the request.
- Materials requested for publicity purposes should be returned to the museum after the completion of any project and may not be reprinted or reproduced.
- The museum approves a request only when users adhere to all of these conditions.
Fees for Using Museum Collections and Images
Material Quantity Fee
Academic Material 1 50,000 won
Commercial Material 1 200,000 won
Promotional Material - Determined after consultation
AM 10:00 ~ PM 5:30 (Entrance closes at PM 4:30)
123, Chungmu-ro, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea